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About Us

About Us

Purpose of establishing this website?

There is no God, but ALLAH and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is his messenger.




www.aALLAH.com, is a website actively involved in the promotion of Islamic education and the service of mankind.


The aim of this website is to promote proper Islamic values on an educational and research-oriented basis equally for Muslims as well as Non-Muslims


The aALLAH – One Stop Platform for ISLAM, only provides the authentic source of Islamic websites.


Being Innovative – Being Different


Whole mankind

What aALLAH do for you?

The search program (which you can download) are free ”Waqf” , for the benefit of all Muslims as well as for non-Muslims.

aALLAH is a one stop portal to spread the message of Allah and his religon Islam- Giving you:

  1. List of over 2000 + authentic websites
  2. 500 + Free Quranic softwares (including MP3 ,index of Quran, verse by verse Quran recitation, memorization tools of Quran and much more)
  3. Quran available in 50+ Languages
  4. 30,000 Hadith collection of Bukhari, Muslim, Dowood, Maliki Ahadiths
  5. 100+ Free mobile Islamic softwares
  6. Free 3000 Dua (prayer) cards
  7. List of 10,000 Islamic baby names (Boys & girls)
  8. Major languages of Quran & Hadith softwares are downloadable in English, French, Arabic, Malay, Bangla, Russian, Albanian, Urdu
  9. View complete Biography of Mohammad (P.B.U.H) – Chronology of Events in the Life of Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
  10. Quick snapshot of Islamic Terms
  11. Add free Islamic codes for your website (ranging from prayer-times & directory search to much more)
  12. 10,000 + Scientifics facts of Islam by Quran
  13. Quran & Hadith section
  14. Sisters Zone (complete list of topics ranging from Polygamy ,Muslim Women in History, Women’s Right in Islam and much more)
  15. List of free Downloadable lectures of famous Islamic scholars’
  16. & much more …

Remember all categories are growing day by day, so keep visiting us to spread the true message of ALLAH

Non-Profit Project

aALLAH is a non-profit project. The search program (which you can download) are free”Waqf” , for the benefit of all Muslims as well as for non-muslims. Transferring as much as possible of the main Islamic references to the electronic media and spreading knowledge of ALLAH to all mankind as a “running charity” (sadaqah jaariyah), based on the authentic Hadeeth & the true teachings of Koran ”Whoever establishes a good way (sunnah), will have its reward, as well as the reward of whoever follows it until the Day of Judgment.”

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