Free download Islamic Books and Softwares

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Free Download Islamic books and Softwares


Name Description
Free Download Books by Syed Abu Ala Maududi (In Urdu).
Free Download Books by Khurram Murad.
Free Download Books by Qazi Hussain Ahmed.
Free Download Islamic Books.
Free Downlaod Tafheemul Quran by Syed Abu Ala Maududi.
Free Download Tafseer Ibn-e-kaseer in Urdu.
Free Download Books by Hafiz Idrees.
Free Download Books by Usama Murad (In Urdu).
Free Download 18000 Bukhari,Muslim, Malik and Dawud Hadith a huge collection in English.
Free Book of Sahabah Khalid Bin Waleed The swords of Allah. Book is available in English.
Free Juz 30 software Available in English and Urdu.
Free Quran CD/MP3 Maker and Mixer In English.
In Arabic and English A very interesting website.
Free Download Hajj DVD Video Slideshow.
Free Download Hajj Cads/ Hajj duas in Arabic and English.
Free Download Dua Cards In Arabic and English.
Free Download Verse by Verse Quran software in English and Arabic. Also the website offers you to download verse by verse Quran in PDF.
Free Download Duas The duas can be free downloaded in Arabic and English.
Free Tarjamanul Quran Magazine Interactive magazine in Urdu.
Quran PDF format Free download Quran in PDF format.
Quran for all Operating Systems Free download Quran for all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac etc..
Free Download Quran with translation, Word Analysis & Tafsir Ibn Kathir.
Interactive Quran with translation in English and Arabic.
Quran in 30 Languages Read Quran in 30 plus languages. Very interactive website offering you to read Quran on the fly.
Best Quran Software An amazing website, just put the mouse on any line and you will find the translation of that line or you can click the translation at the top of the page in the left corner for the entire Surah. On the left side for this website you can choose Surah(chapter) (from all 114 Surah-chapters). Moreover you can choose any Aayah(verse), can search by the page number and also you can select the Qari(recite) whose recitation you want to listen.
Quran and Hadith Code Use the source codes to search in the Quran and the Hadith in your website. You just need to copy the code and paste in your website at any required position.
Free Quran Search A very good website to search anything and everything about Quran.
Quranic Topics Number of Quranic topics in English and Arabic.
Quran Grammar An annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran. Very extensive website when it comes to learning Grammar of Quran.
Listen Quran A simple interface to listen Quran on the fly.
Quranic Audios Listen Quran in MP3 format.
Quran by Chapter Listen Quran in MP3 format by chapter.
Quran Tafseer Nice website offering detailed Quran tafseer, brief Quran tafseer and Qirat Tajweed – Must visit website.
Extensive Quran Program Download Quran Urdu translations, Quran Hindi tranlsation, Shahi Bukhari, Sahi Muslim, Quran Software in Urdu, Quran recitation, Quran Audio and much much more. A must look website for all your Quranic needs.
Mobile Holy Quran Mobile Holy Quran for Windows Mobile Professional. The multimedia features, including clear recital and large and clear arabic text can only be achieved with the implementation of external memory card. The website also offers Quran for iPad, Quran for iPhone3G(S)/iPod Touch, IQRA for iPhone OS, Quran for Palm WebOS, Quran for Google Android, ASL for Google Android, Quran for OSX, ASL for iPhone 3G(S)/iPod Touch, Quran for Internet Explorer, Quran for Windows Mobile, , Quran Gadget, Quran for Palm OS, Quran for Windows, Quran for Facebook, ASL for Palm OS
Easy Quran and Hadith Software One of the best and easiest authentic Quranic and Hadeeth software. The software provides you Quran and Hadeeth in multiple languages. Moreover, You can compare 6 Top Hadeeth books against each verse of Quran. Plus you can compare multiple fiqahs against hadith and Quran. A Must see software. Available in Arabic, English, Hindi , Urdu and many other languages.
Islamic Stories Download free true Islamic Stories. The content of this article is in Urdu Language.
Great Islamic Books & Softwares An Amazing Website for downloading free Islamic Softwares and Books in Arabic, Urdu, English, Roman Urdu and Hindi. Please do note the website offers great resources for Kids as well as adults to learn Quran and Arabic. Also do note, there are few softwares are available which help you learn Quran & Hadith

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