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Islamic codes & Islamic Tools for Websites Available

Following is a list of some of the websites from where you can acquire widgets, scripts and tools for your website. This list has been put here for your ease so that you can have a look at the Islamic codes & Islamic tools for websites that you are working on.

Name Description
Free Islamic Code Website available in English and Arabic, offering you to add thousands of Free Islamic codes to your website either its prayer time, Quran search, azan tools, directory finder and much much more.
Free Tools Extensive website offering you thousands of free Quranic tools for desktop, phone and other devices.
Decorate Website Alhabib provides Muslims across the internet with various web services and widgets. Here you can find greeting cards for various Islamic events, Islamic calendar and clock widgets that you can display on your blogs or desktop. Various other widgets with Islamic styles and themes are also available to decorate your web’s presence.
TV Quran Add duas, Quran, morning even zikr and much much more with ease – just copy the code and the widget will be integrated on your website.

Apart from these websites, you can also surf the internet for some other incredibly amazing websites that give out free Islamic codes & Islamic tools for websites and that too free for download! Happy surfing!

More tools for help can be seen at this page.

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