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101 Islamic Websites

Best And Top Islamic Websites!

While surfing and googling online, its hard for you to come across those few selected best and top Islamic websites which cater your needs in a go, and you are mostly tired searching for those specific websites, but not to worry when this page gives you 101 Islamic websites link where you can find everything including Quran, Islamic Library, knowledge and information about the companions of the Prophet, Islamic audio, supplications, Islamic medicine, also a forum which bridges the gap between the understanding of Christianity, Islam and Jerusalem.

The Best and Top Islamic Websites collected by us for your ease!

We have collected some 101 islamic websites which will at most help you out with Quran, Surahs, questions you have regarding Islam, Islamic research material, Islamic multimedia library and much more. Most of the Islamic websites listed below have immense islamic material to share with the readers/listeners. Following are some best and top Islamic websites you can visit to find out more.

Quran Full
A very helpful Islamic website offering you to read Quran in a smart way, you dont have to go through number of pages, just open any Surah and start reading it plus the best part is website available in multiple languages and you can also download the mobile application to read the Quran right on your mobile gadgets.
Quran Index

One of the most comprehensive and amazing website offering you to browse Holy Quran verses in more than 300 Topics, 40 Languages, 18 Reciters, 28 Quran PDF Translations.
Islam Q&A Library
This site aims to provide intelligent, authoritative responses to anyones question about Islam, whether it be from a Muslim or a non-Muslim, and to help solve general and personal social problems. Responses are composed by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, a known Islamic lecturer and author. Questions about any topic are welcome, such as theology, worship, human and business relations, or social and personal issues.
All questions and answers on this site have been prepared, approved, revised, edited, amended or annotated by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid, the supervisor of this site. This site aims to provide intelligent, authoritative responses to anyones question about Islam, whether it be from a Muslim or a non-Muslim, and to help solve general and personal social problems. Responses are composed by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, a known Islamic lecturer and author. Questions about any topic are welcome, such as theology, worship, human and business relations, or social and personal issues.
Islam Web Islamweb is an Islamic website designed to enrich the viewers’ knowledge and appreciation of Islam. Its aim is to provide the viewing community substantial knowledge about Islam, particularly the non-Muslim who may need clarification of common distortions of the media and misrepresentations of ill-informed followers.The purpose of this site is to increase the awareness of Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the mission of Islam to warn mankind of God’s punishment and to give the good news of their salvation in Islam. Islam is a revealed religion and a way of life that addresses all aspects of the human condition.
Al – Islam The site provides information about number of Islamic topics in multiple languages namely English, French, Dutsch, Turke, Melay, Indonesia and Arabic.
Sahaba The site provides illustrative  information on Companion of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).
Mission of Islam The site provides information about number of Islamic topics, in English Only.
Islam Net
The site provides information about number of Islamic topics, in English Only.
Islam Select Number of  Islamic lectures, Only in Arabic.
Dar ul Islam Domain of Islam or Dar ul Islam is a website having biggest material on Islam. A must see website, currently available in English Only.
Islam Way Good resource of Islamic website , available in multiple languages.
Islam House Islamic website, available in multiple languages.
Adly Online One stop portal for Islamic audio, vidoe and books.
Kalamullah This website offers information on multiple Islamic topics, currently available in English Only.
Islam 21C Islam 21C or i21C is a website dedicated to providing academic and intellectual discourse as well as committed to the research and analysis of contemporary issues facing Muslims in the West. Commonly it has been held that classical Islam is at varied odds with modernity and that this ‘medieval’ way of life cannot be realised in contemporary society. However, i21C seeks to show that Islam is a comprehensive world view incorporating a way of life, a system of belief with complex metaphysics, a 1400 year old history and an extensive and divine system of law
Fortification of the Muslim Make Dua, Ask help from ALLAH. The site offers pictorial Koranic verses to seek help from Allah. Beautiful website developed by volunteers to spread the message of Allah and seek forgiveness from Allah. Free Download Dua Cards, available in Arabic & English.
E – Discover Islam Description Coming Soon
Just Go Do It Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is? Ever thought that maybe there was something absent from your existence?
Do you ever lay awake wondering what this is all for?? This website gives all the above mentioned answers in an interactive way.
Al – Qaria An article based Islamic website.
Al Ghurraba The Prophet [salaAllahu alayhi wa salam] said: Islam began as something strange and will go back to being something strange just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers. This website gives multiple Islamic articles and books by keeping in mind the philosphy of Ghurabaa(stranger).
Tauheed Sunnah Islamic Multimedia Library
Islamic Basic Online Islamic Library
Islamic Medicine The website offers huge list of material on the topic of Islam and Medicine. The website is great as it segregates major topics related to medicine in a nicely way. Moreover the website is bilingual i.e. English and Arabic. Many of things which humanity is discovering everyday in all branches of science including Medicine were predicted by the Holy Quran over 14 centuries ago. Although there is a great inter-relationship between modern medicine and some of our Islamic teachings, the criterions and characteristics of Islamic Medicine are that it is involved with Divine Ethics and Faith in Allah as the supreme authority. Comprehensive, paying attention to body and spirit, the individual and society, protecting the moral values which are lacking in many societies causing an increase in number of illegitimate children and unhappy families. It is Guided and Oriented not willing to destroy even a single unborn baby. Islamic Medicine is also Universal, utilising all useful resource and offering its services to all. It is Scientific and the basic Islamic teaching asserting that there is a cure for every illness ( and it is up to us to find it ). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said : ” Allah never inflicts a disease without providing a cure …”
A2 Youth Youth Islamic Resource
Jannah Islamic Articles
MIWYC Islamic Web Community
911 Bible An interactive Islamic website available in Text and Flash format. The website bridges down the gap and misunderstanding about Jesus the Christians have and offers heaps of great articles.
Islam Tomorrow The website offers heaps of Articles, Videos, Audio on the basic teachings of Islam.
Allah’s Quran The website offers great list of articles on all about Quran – a source of guidence book.
Arabic In English Ways to learn Arabic
God Allah This website explains its reads what is ALLAH mean, Does it Mean God? and answers many questions like Is there evidence God Exists? What proof is there? Where is God? What is the Origin of God?
Hear About Islam A forum based website offering heaps of articles and discussion points for the readers.
Tube Islam A project run by American Muslims who came to Islam from other faiths and are happy to serve Allah and share Islam – without cultural, traditional or nationalistic prejudices and corruption.
Prophet of Islam All about Prohphet of Islam – Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The website answers like What did Muhammad Say? What Did He Do? What did His Follows say? What do others say about him?
Be Convinced The website offers great resource of information on basics of Islam.
Islamic Portal The website offers great resource of information and multiple articles on Islam. The website is in Urdu Language.
Quran Go A great website offering you load of featuers when it comes to comes to learning in dpeth about Islam such as Islamic Tafseer, Islamic Audios lectures on Quran, Quran in Urdu, Arabic English, Chinese and Spanish, Earliest Usmani Quran with dots, vowel and diacritical marks
Subject-Wise Quran in Urdu and Alphabetical Quran in English, Chronological Quran as it was revealed, Life of Muhammad (pbuh) in English (Al-Raheeq Al-Makhtum – Sealed Nectar), Seerat-e-Nabvi in Urdu, Quranic Tafseer ibne Kaseer in Urdu, and Audio MP3 Format, Hadees Bokhari & Muslim in Urdu, Islamic History: Al-Bidaya wa’l-Nihaya or Tarikh ibn Kathir in Urdu, 40 Hadees Qudsi in English, 40 Popular Ahadees-e-Nabvi in Urdu,
Islamic Dua and Prayers in Urdu, Glossary of Quranic Terms in English, Azaan Software downloads, and much more.
Islam Basics Very informative website giving you infomration on basics of Islam, Islamic teachings, womens rights in Islam, reverted muslim stories and much more. A great website to learn all basics about chosen religion of Allah – Islam.
Quran Wow Great website,The Quran with translations and recitations in modern interface. Parallel text, clear MP3, intelligent search, bookmarks, night mode, scalable fonts. Read listen search online.
Islamic Education and Research Academy A UK-based charity which encourages Muslim communities to engage with the wider society, and articulate the rational and compassionate message of Islam. They feel that this creates awareness about the true nature of the Islamic faith and its rich traditions. In addition to their projects in the UK, iERA also does extensive work in empowering Muslims across the world to give “dawah” (propagating or inviting people to Islam).

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